Hydrating Duo Gift Pack

$52.00 AUD

The ideal gift for the traveller, this pack includes bio-active Hydrating Mist to provide anti-oxidant protection against pollution and travel-related stresses to the skin, with the uplifting aromas of rose, grapefruit, passionflower and lime. Also enjoy our refreshing After Sun Hydrating Gel, which provides instant refreshment with a lightweight hydration boost, for anti-oxidant protection throughout your travels and effective healing properties to nourish sun-kissed skin.

This duo comes in our exclusive Duo Net Case, so that delicious skin refreshment is always to hand.


AFTER SUN HYDRATING GEL  50ml | 1.76 fl oz       

This refreshing, lightweight anti-oxidant gel is the perfect salve for the damaging effects of air conditioning, city pollutants and overexposure to the sun. A unique formulation, including arnica montana, spirulina, geranium and marigold in an aloe vera base, soothes and softens, and repairs damaged skin cells. With the intoxicatingly exotic aromas of petitgrain, geranium, grapefruit and clary sage, this soothing gel evokes a luxurious island experience. Uplifting, cooling and rapidly absorbed, an ideal formulation to revitalise, heal and protect the traveller’s skin.


HYDRATING MIST  50ml | 1.76 fl oz

A revitalising anti-oxidant spritz that invigorates the senses and provides instant, lasting hydration to the skin. Packed with bio-active ingredients, this mist stands alone in the market in terms of benefits. Extract of marshmallow softens the skin, while dandelion extract detoxifies. Anti-ageing elements derived from cell-rejuvenating aloe vera work alongside the anti-oxidant protection of green tea. Be awakened by the refreshing aromas of rose, grapefruit, passionflower and clary sage. An uplifting all-over spray, ideal for the on-the-go traveller.



Free from parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehydes, sodium laureate sulphate, and phthalates, and not tested on animals.

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