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The Enfants Paradis Botanical Skincare series is pure, natural botanical skincare. 
Free from parabens, petrochemicals, formalderhydes, sodium laureate sulfate, mineral oils, aluminium salts and phthalates, so you know its safe on your skin. 
Our bioactive ingredients have been selected to produce the most effective results for your skin, to
    - reverse the signs of aging through natural cell rejeuvenation and skin tightening, and
    - slow the aging process by increasing hydration and circulation.
With our delicious natural aromas and exotically nourishing results you can enjoy the sensual pleasures of caring for your skin on a daily basis, to achieve best results.
Formulated especially for travelers, Enfants Paradis skincare boosts hydration levels to protect the skin, provides anti-aging antioxidant protection against external stresses and rejuvenates skin cells after sun exposure.
Be free. Enfants Paradis.

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