Gifts for Gays, Paradis in HK December 04 2012

A special kind of lovin' from hot new guide to Hong Kong DS Magazine and Q Guide, for our Age-Defying Botanical Serums Leather Travel Rolls.

We at DS have put together some faboooolussss [Christmas gift] ideas just for you.

The best new beauty gift idea to come through DS's doors of late has been these stunning leather pouchettes from a new cosmetics company based out of Bali. These little travel kits are beautifully wrapped in a luxurious leather roll and contain the Organic Daily Face Smoothing Serum, the Organic Nightly Rejuvenation Serum and Argan Oil Anti-Frizz Hair Serum. Each product is totally organic - no nasties at all - and will leave you looking refreshed and wide awake after any flight. Oh and did we we say how totally awesome they look? Available online through www.enfants-paradis and stocked by Ka-pok.

Check out this essential guide to everything that's hip in Hong Kong.

And for god's sake visit Ka-pok, it's only the coolest ever store in HK .... 

For online sales in HK go to their webstore: