Why is hydration important for skin? April 04 2012

Hydrated skin is beautiful skin.

When your skin is well hydrated, it takes on a healthy, vibrant glow, as it appears plumper, and actually is more resilient to damage. Which also means that fine lines and the sad look of dull skin is lessened. Well hydrated skin is radiant skin.

And in the you-know-it-deep-down category of experience, good hydration actually protects your inner health. When the naturally produced hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in your skin, is given its best opportunity to work through all your good work in drinking loads of water and hydrating your skin thoroughly by using concentrated hydration skincare products on the outer layers, you are actually protecting it against such external stress as toxic combatants, microorganisms and even UV radiation.

So take care of your skin while you travel. Hydrate well inside and out. Keep the skin moisturized on planes and after sun. Incorporate good hydrating care into your daily regime and weekly me-time rituals. And you will maintain beautiful, radiant skin throughout your holiday that can continue after you get home.

Enjoy your travels into Paradis.