5 Weekenders to give away!

May 13 2014   If you are in Dubai, stop in at the famous megastore for sustainability, The Change Initiative. You can pick up a few things from our exotic range of botanical skincare. They are running a giveaway, so 5 lucky customers will be able to pick up a FREE Weekender Cosmetics Case, valued at $35.00!

26 Sustainable Strategies for Retail, Dubai

April 02 2014 THE CHANGE INITIATIVE in Dubai has a vision: to deliver sustainability easily, and with style. This one-stop superstore — all 4,000 square metres of it — has everything for those seeking a sustainable home and lifestyle, from home appliances to building solutions to fashion and objects of design. And now an Australian botanical skincare joins the carefully curated offerings for responsible living. ENFANT PARADIS's organic and natural skin care and...

Girl Crush

March 27 2014 Can't stop listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg! All style. Seriously our mad girl crush. French indie pop at its chic best.

Watch our video and experience the freedom

March 21 2013 Enjoy the freedom .... completely natural skincare, free from any chemical nasties. 

Luxury Shopping Bali

March 19 2013   We are very excited that Enfants Paradis has been selected as a luxury shopping destination by Singapore Airlines!

Volcanic Detox to fix Monday blues

March 18 2013   For a Monday miracle have a Volcanic detoxing bath soak ….  Volcanic minerals and salt crystals draw out toxins, organic white rice evens skin tone, and comforting wafts of cinnamon, clove and sweet orange waft around you in a soothing fix to the Monday blues.

Agent Provocateur in Paradis

March 12 2013  We have been featured in the gorgeous Pan & The Dream alongside Agent Provocateur .... Lola wears Agent Provocateur her skin is kept hydrated with Enfants Paradis body butter Photograph: Paul Westlake  Styling: Nathalie Agussol for Pan & The Dream                                                          ...

Travel with your Eyes Open

March 12 2013 “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.  There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  ­— JAWAHARIAL NEHRU

Gifts for Gays, Paradis in HK

December 04 2012 A special kind of lovin' from hot new guide to Hong Kong DS Magazine and Q Guide, for our Age-Defying Botanical Serums Leather Travel Rolls. We at DS have put together some faboooolussss [Christmas gift] ideas just for you. The best new beauty gift idea to come through DS's doors of late has been these stunning leather pouchettes from a new cosmetics company based out of Bali. These little travel kits...

Travel Bags at Enfants Paradis

November 13 2012 Best-selling author of luxury travel and spa destination books, Judy Chapman, sings the praises of our new range of Travel Bags.  "Travel in style! Check out the new collection of Travel Essentials by Bali-based Enfants Paradis.  Includes eco travel wallets, iPad pouches & laptop cases to chic cosmetic and weekender getaway bags. Available from the flagship store in Seminyak and soon on the shelves at the best spas around the...

Enfants Paradis in Hong Kong

November 07 2012 The ubercool Kapok concept store in HK's Star Precinct has just picked up Enfants Paradis! We are very excited to be stocked alongside some of the coolest brands we've EVER seen. Honestly you can't get it wrong in this shop, everything screams DESIRE. The kind of place you go to, intending to buy something for a friend, and walk out with 5 little sneaky gifts for yourself as well. Here's what the...

Oyster mag reviews Enfants Paradis

October 16 2012 Our FAVOURITE mag Oyster has reviewed Enfants Paradis After Sun Gel. Check it out!file://localhost/Users/kirsty/Desktop/insta-body.jpeg This is what they say: Enfants Paradis is a range of pure botanical skincare, designed with travellers in mind by Bali-based Australian Kirsty Ludbrook. The Hydrating After-Sun Gel(US$18/50ml) is the perfect salve after a day inadvertently spent too long in the sun, or even just on a hot day (we keep one handy in our air conditioner–less office)....

Turn your Home into a Spa

October 14 2012 Body and Soul in the Sunday Telegraph have featured us in this article today! "In a recent study of Australian women ... an interesting trend emerged. It’s called “cocooning” and it quite simply means pampering yourself in your own home." They recommend to follow a home facial with these great tips: “Rest while the mask is on. Pop cotton pads soaked in cold green tea over your eyes to tone and...

Enfants Paradis feature, i-Mag Bali

October 14 2012 The wonderful iMag in Bali has featured us in their August issue ... check it out:


October 12 2012 Natural, free-spirited and beautiful, Enfants Paradis's brand ambassador, Salvita De Corte, embodies all the qualities we love.

Safest Cosmetics - Enfants Paradis

October 12 2012 The Enfants Paradis Hydrating Skincare range uses 100% natural ingredients, so you know it is safe!  Our products are FDA certified and allergen free, and do not contain additives, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or colouring. And no we don't do animal testing! Except on ourselves. Rrrrrrr.

Best Shop in Bali!

October 12 2012   Enfants Paradis's Seminyak store has been nominated Best Retail Space in Bali by The Yak magazine!

Why is hydration important for skin?

April 04 2012 Hydrated skin is beautiful skin. When your skin is well hydrated, it takes on a healthy, vibrant glow, as it appears plumper, and actually is more resilient to damage. Which also means that fine lines and the sad look of dull skin is lessened. Well hydrated skin is radiant skin. And in the you-know-it-deep-down category of experience, good hydration actually protects your inner health. When the naturally produced hyaluronic acid, which retains...
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